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Recursive Urbanism

This pugilistic tale is about a street fight. Its “brawl to action storyline” is laid out in a mix of research papers, court documents, investigative blogs, documentaries, and storyboards.

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Digitization of everything

A mise-en-scène cage was home base to a squad of VAJs – virtual ambient jockeys. Fitfully, three nights a week, two plus years, they used tech and toys to grapple with the kingdom of persistent motion in the digitization of everything.

Borges’ raps, Riffs on riffs

The Cartographer’s Dilemma

The Cartographer’s Dilemma examined the digital fog of image and sound and how it affects our democratic public sphere and civic identity. It asks why existing noetic economies (knowledge systems) discourage the creation of a public sphere that promotes contest, collaborations and creativity.
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A tool-chest

Patrick Geddes was a message Huxley and Darwin sent to the future. Geddes left us a tool chest packed with maps. He died in 1932; the same year Aldous Huxley published Brave New World – another dispatch.
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Marshall McLuhan’s role in the intellectual formation of St. Louis and beyond…

The trickster Hermes ever media savvy was always a step ahead. And that is why they call him Messenger God. Messenger is what they called the trickster who turned up in 1937 on Grand Avenue in St. Louis, Marshall McLuhan.
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Hackerspace for Myth Making: The Manual

Myths are shields against decadence, decay, and a loss of imagination. They contain seeds of new intelligence. The stories they bear shield streets and us.

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A storytelling code

…what the world as it is today stands in the greatest need of may be well a new example if the next 1000 years are not to become an era of super civilized monkeys.
Hannah Arendt
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After Geddes, follow the raga

The west seems to take a pride in thinking that ‘ it is subduing nature; as if we are living in a hostile world where we have to wrest everything we want from an unwilling and alien arrangement of things.
Rabindranath Tagore

they’re alive, workhouses and the destitute

A Septic Turn in the Space of Appearance: a brief for a city with elites in decline

Cultural code smell defined: In computer programming code smell is any symptom in the source code of a program that possibly indicates a deeper problem. But when code is a slow, wretchedly designed mess that’s hard to maintain, programmers talk about stench. The metaphor becomes olfactory, the swill of gases that rise from rot and decay.
Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World by Clive Thompson.